It’s Official!

Welcome to my brand new food photography blog. Although blogs and blogging isn’t new to me,  Food photography 101 is my first attempt to create one truly interactive site where we can share our views and talk about the way we see and shoot food. My name is Branislav Senic and I’m Toronto based food photographer. As you can imagine, everything in my professional life orbits around delicious food and ideas how to present it the best possible light.

On behalf of Food photography 101, I would like to invite all food photography enthusiast to join in and share your knowledge & experience. If you’re food photographer, food & prop stylist, art director or an advertising professionals, step by and drop us a note.

Please be patient with me, this is my first blog … I feel much more comfortable behind the camera :).


Branislav Senic


7 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. Thank you so much the information you provided was VERY helpful. I am doing my very first paid shoot on food and wanted to get as much knowledge as I could you sight was one of the most helpful.

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