Interview with Marianne Wren – Food Stylist

Marianne Wren
Marianne Wren – Food Stylist

Tell us about yourself? How did you start your food styling career?

I have always been a “foodie”. After graduating from culinary school I opened my own catering company. . While I enjoyed working with food every day and developing the perfect menu for my client’s events, I was searching for something a bit more creative.  My sister, an art director, suggested that I might be well suited to food styling,  It’s been over 16 years that I have been working as a food stylist and recipe developer, I suppose it’s time to tell her she  was absolutely right!

What makes a great food photo?

I believe a great food photo makes your mouth water.  If a person is inspired to try a new recipe because of a photo I have styled I would consider that a job well done.

What are the basic skills that every food stylist needs to have?

A good working knowledge of food and how it performs is an asset to any stylist.  While there are tricks of the trade that are necessary on set, nothing beats good old fashioned culinary training.

Advertising vs. Editorial work … what is your preference?

Variety is what keeps things interesting so I love to have a mix of both editorial and advertising clients.  Each provides a different way to express your creativity.

Where do you find your inspiration?

It sounds like a cliché but inspiration can come from anywhere.  It could be colour, a beautiful or interesting prop or even the food itself. Something just catches my eye and that will spark something in my brain.   When I’m developing a recipe, a single ingredient could be the inspiration for an entire recipe.

Do you have any tips for aspiring food stylist?  

There are some great books and classes offered to help you get started.  Check out Delores Custer’s book “Food Styling” or your local culinary school.   Assisting is a great way to learn valuable skills so introduce yourself to food stylists in your area.

Marianne Wren


Twitter: @MarianneWren



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